"Beadwork & Coe" Germany - Bead Art Jewellery by Diana Coe

First things first - "Welcome!"  

This website was created to be the business headquater and portfolio of my work.
For now my beadwork pieces are not for sale here, but can be found in my Etsy shop and occasionally in galleries and at selected events.
My business is the design and making of unique beaded jewellery, but increasingly other accessories too. I usually create according to my muse's wispers, but ideas for custom designs are welcome.

The techniques I use are bead-weaving, bead-crochet and bead-embroidery, often combined in one piece to bring the images in my head to life. Like the following necklace where a bead-crochet rope and beadwoven flowers with leaves come together to show the evolution of the flower - "From Bud to Bloom".    

I'm based in the Celle area of Lower Saxony/Germany, but through my Etsy shop -http://www.BeadworkAndCoe.etsy.com - my pieces are available worldwide.