About me, my beads and my business

May I introduce myself?
My name is Diana Coe and I am the Owner, Designer, Maker, Marketing Manager, Public Relations Manager, Supplies Manager, Photographer, Web Designer, Financial Consultant and plain General Dogsbody at "Beadwork & Coe".  

I was born and grew up in Germany where I completed an apprenticeship as Vehicle Electrician, gained a degree as Technical Author/Writer and met my British husband. We live now with our two children in Staffordshire on her Majesty's island.   

My fascination for these sometimes quite annoying little pieces of glass called beads started when I stayed at home after having my son in 2007. I went into a craft shop, hoping to find something to do with my hands and time. They had seed beads and some free instructions to make a beadwoven necklace. People that know me can confirm that I usually jump right in with both feet and my way of thinking is "How hard can it be?", so I took the instruction leaflet and bought the needed beads ...    

I completed that first project and then many more for family and friends until I started my Etsy shop in February 2011. After pretty much everyone I know already had a piece of my beadwork I needed to find new homes for my creations and justification to make them - not for me, but for my husband who was getting grumpy about my bead hoarding.  

Since then I have bought many more beads, collected many more jewellery findings and kept all sorts of objects that seem interesting and worth the space, until I have worked out how to incorporate them into my beadwork.  

I would like to thank you for visiting my website and actually reading through this. Hopefully you'll enjoy your visit in my little world and keep coming back.