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    my sisters old bag charm - 2008 i believe 

    In 2008 - if I am not very much mistaken - I made a bag charm for my sister.
    She had seen the pattern with Swarovski crystals in one of my books about bead crochet, chose the colours she wanted and on the left you see the result. That was just a few month after I had started beading and today - I admit - I am almost ashamed to show it, but here you go.

    Unfortunately she lost it earlier this year and I decided she should have a new one for her birthday in July.

    I knew her favourite handbag is brown and her wardrobe in general consists of mostly warm colours. Also she had passed her driving test not too long ago and the St Christopher is kind of traditional in my family for either in the car or on the keyring ;) I had been itching to try the Temari bead from Diane Fitzgerald's book "Geometric Beadwork & Beyonde" for quite a while and this seemed like a good opportunity ...
    p1100773a So this is how it started - 
    just 19 more of the little triangles to go now ...
    After making 10 of the beaded triangles the first half can be zipped together, a welcomed break from the repetition. Weaving all the thread ends in, two from each triangle, is a challenge in itself though. p1100775a
    p1100780a With the next 10 little triangles finished the second half is woven together.
    And this is the finished Temari Bead, stuffed with plenty of cling film to make sure it keeps it's shape. p1100794a


    And the whole bag charm with two Peyote tubes, one as charm and one as "ribbon" to hold the St Christopher. All fitted on a chain with some added Labradorite rounds, beads of all descriptions and crystals to flesh it out a bit.

    my sisters new bag charm with beaded bead - 2014