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  1. My first blog post - ever.

    As the website and this blog are so new, I thought it would be an idea to share things I do and that don't involve beads. All the beady things are already on the website and this way you can maybe get to know me a bit better ...
    Most of these are what I call "challenge-pieces", because my son wants to be a dinosaur or my daughter "needs" a Hello Kitty lamp shade and then I try to come up with something.
    Sometimes the results don't meet expectations, but I always try my best and learn something along the way. It may be a new skill that comes in handy again or it's just that spending the money and leaving the work to the pros is much easier and better for the nerves ;)

    So, here they come - the not bead related creations of mine ...
    (Please do excuse the low quality of some of the photos, but my photography skills are still developing and today much better than they were way back. Unfortunately, once a cake is eaten you can't retake the photo.)


    My son's "Nemo"-cake - Nemo endet up in a support role, but my son is now 7 and still talking about this cake.


    A dinosaur costume - In the end I ran out of time and just stapled the tail shut after stuffing it, but the staples are still doing the job 3 years later and my daughter loves the costume too.


    Display shelf for Lego-figures - The new love in my son's life and he could never find the figure he wanted. When I saw this old drawer from a printers cabinet at a car boot sale I thought it would be perfect and with a layer of paint it is well up for the job.


    I painted this pig for a Pin-the-tail game at a Pig Race (fundraising event for my daughter's playgroup) and - even if I say so myself- it was a big hit with the kids and made the parents giggle too.

     kitty lamp

    When we moved from Germany to the UK I made this for my daughter to make her new room as appealing as possible and it worked.

     jocy with head band

    This textile flower was a project at the 2014 Etsy Craft Party I attended and stuck to an Alice band it looks great, nice and colourful for a little girl.


    The results from a 2 hours cupcake decorating "course" with a local group of crafty mums - yum ;)




    Especially because this is the first blog post for me, I would love to hear from you.
    Do leave a comment with praise or critique - I can take it as long as it's constructive :)