Publications and Awards

Feature on the "Inspirational Beading"-Blog

It is always flattering to be asked to do an interview and working with Mortira was really a pleasure.
This is the link, for your pleasure ;) -

I am included in "Bead Me" Magazine

It tells you a bit about my background, the beading and, of course, contains lots of photos of my pieces.
The phrase "spunky finery" is particularly catchy I think ;)

You can download it for free, if you have a device that starts with "i" or read it online at the following link ...

East Staffordshire Borough Council (ESBC) Innovation Award 2015  

After I enjoyed last years night out at the Brewhouse in Burton on Trent for the award ceremony so much, I entered just to have an excuse to go. When you are usually stuck at home with two kids an adult evening out is soooo welcome :)

So I did it without expectations and ended up winning the main prize for my bead-embroidery necklace with fur and fossil, which my husband named "Eternal Consequence".

I may be creative with my beads, but naming the finished piece is always a struggle ... 

One of my necklaces in print
- "Beads & Beyond" Issue 85 from October 2014 -

This is one of my favourite pieces anyway and now it got me a feature in Beads & Beyond magazine, including a  £50 voucher for Beads Unlimited.

It's simply impossible to have too many beads :)

Hear my voice in this podcast interview - quite scary (at least for me)  

This interview was recorded by Ijeoma Eleazu from the Etsy Conversations podcast series. She interviews Etsy sellers from very different shops and experience levels to get an exchange between sellers going and raise interest.
This is the link to my interview:  

A pair of earrings I made is in "Bead" - Magazine

I have not just been featured this time, a pair of geometric beadwork earrings I made won the "Shaped Beads" Readers' Challenge in Bead Magazine - Issue 56 / 2014.

And Spellbound Beads was right with picking the prize, Nymo D is always handy to have - Thank you!

Interview feature on the Wrappler blog  

From July 2014 an interview of the lighter and more amusing kind, at least that was the goal.

My necklace won!  

On the 10th of April 2014 I was awarded the 3D prize of the Burton and District Arts Council (BADAC) for my beadwork necklace "From Bud to Bloom", shown in the Staffordshire Open Exhibition for Arts and Crafts. Something I am particularly proud of, because it was an exhibition not just featuring beadwork but very talented artists from many other disciplines too.  

Interview with "Creative Crafting Magazine" 

In the March issue of 2014 Creative Crafting Magazine published an interview with me. I don't expect you to buy the magazine, but a version of it is available on their blog as well - here is the link. The interview is complete even though the presentation isn't quite as good as in the magazine. It gives you a bit more insight into my background as business and private, so it is not all about beadwork ;)  

One of my beaded pendants in "Bead" - Magazine  

My first appearance in a magazine: Bead Magazine, Issue 50 in 2013, the Golden Special.